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July 1, 2008

July Topic of the Month

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Ah, summertime. Summertime brings us gorgeous weather, or unbearably hot weather depending on where you live, beach days, an escape from school, and wedding after wedding after wedding.

Your topic to tackle this month:

Your role as wife.


Some housekeeping. I’m sorry that Sarah will be leaving us as a contributor. I know we’ll see her around in the comments.

I’m going to be putting out an open call for women who want to join and contribute. Leave a comment here if you are interested, and if you know anyone who might be interested let her know she can comment here and I’ll set everything up.



  1. great topic, this one will really get me thinking!!!

    Comment by Jena — July 1, 2008 @ 5:24 pm | Reply

  2. I’d love to become a part of this forum!!

    Comment by Reen — July 2, 2008 @ 4:23 am | Reply

  3. I would love to join this site. I am a working mother to 2 from VN.
    Let me know if I can join.


    Comment by Karen — July 3, 2008 @ 1:56 am | Reply

  4. While I can’t contribute on being a wife, I would love to join!

    Comment by Kelli K — July 8, 2008 @ 2:10 pm | Reply

  5. I’m a frequent reader of the Round Table and am often inspired by the musings of some incredible moms. Though I’ve slacked on my own blog, I do a lot of writing for myself. (I’m a journalist by trade, but currently a full-time mom to one 2 year old boy from VN, a bio 1 year old boy, and bio twins due in Jan. 2009.) I’d be honored if you asked me to join!

    Comment by Angelique — July 10, 2008 @ 7:29 pm | Reply

  6. Hi! Thanks for inviting me. Please email me as I have questions on how to upload a post or if I send it to someone, etc. Thanks!

    Comment by Angelique — July 11, 2008 @ 7:16 pm | Reply

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