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July 1, 2008

July Topic of the Month

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Ah, summertime. Summertime brings us gorgeous weather, or unbearably hot weather depending on where you live, beach days, an escape from school, and wedding after wedding after wedding.

Your topic to tackle this month:

Your role as wife.


Some housekeeping. I’m sorry that Sarah will be leaving us as a contributor. I know we’ll see her around in the comments.

I’m going to be putting out an open call for women who want to join and contribute. Leave a comment here if you are interested, and if you know anyone who might be interested let her know she can comment here and I’ll set everything up.


May 31, 2008

June Topic of the Month

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The Topic of the Month for everyone who wants to write for June is:



A couple of announcements:

Gina from Five in the Hive is stepping back from LRT. I know, I was sad too. Gina, you’ll be missed here, but I know we’ll happily see you around blogland, and around here. ūüôā


The two writers for the Free Topic this month are:

Sarah from On the Way to Baby Hay

Kelly from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

April 30, 2008

May Topic

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I hope you ladies have a fun go at this month’s topic.¬† I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this month to:




Our two Free Topic writers that we will be enjoying posts from for May are:

Jena:  Two Different Loves

Stacy:  The Delightful Delaney

March 31, 2008

April Topic

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Happy Spring Ladies! I thoroughly enjoyed all of your posts for March and look forward to your thoughts on April’s topic. Speaking of which, here it is:

Women’s sexuality and how it is portrayed by the media.






Also, I am looking for a couple of guest posts. If you want to write on this topic, stated above, then let me know by April 11 in the comments and I will contact you via email.

March 7, 2008

March Topic

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Hello ladies.  Here is our March topic:

Your Role as Daughter

I look forward to seeing what you ladies have to say.

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